September 2020 Rishi Sunak suggested that live entertainment was not viable

In 2016 the Arts and Culture Industry generated;


Billion Turnover

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For every



of turnover, an additional



Was created in the wider economy.


The Governments investment to protect Britains world-class cultural, arts and heritage institutions was £1.57bn in July 2020 increased to £1.87bn in the 2021 budget.


“Rethink. Reskill. Reboot"

The young dancer in the government’s Cyber First campaign. Photograph: HM Government

October 2020, The Government pulls the advert telling Fatima, a ballet dancer to retrain in IT after severe backlash from celebrities and members of the public.


Liam Gallagher, Ian Rankin, Sue Perkins and more condemn Rishi Sunak for appearing to suggest arts workers ‘find other jobs’

Matthew Bourne, the director and choreographer shares the advert with the tweet “This has to be a joke? Right?”

The ITV article was later updated to state: “This article has changed to reflect that the Chancellor’s comments were about employment generally and not specifically about the music or arts sector.” 

Entertainment is viable

Photo by Tijs van Leur


#NotViable was started by Alex & Lee, two production electricians who work in live entertainment, it isn’t meant as a protest, campaigning group or fundraiser.

It’s a platform designed to highlight, and remind us, what was and wasn’t done by the Government during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Whilst things improve with COVID-19 and the road map to recovery means that entertainment will start up again, we should not forget how many businesses have disappeared for good due to a lack of real support or the uncertainty of its arrival.

How many people have left the sector never to return?

 Who will replace Fatima if she’s fighting Cybercrime for MI5?

Entertainment is still viable

it just needs to adapt to the new risks COVID has introduced. It should not be left to waste away. Our shared experience of live entertainment feeds our hearts and souls, without it what would we become?


Russel Kane tells it pretty well.
(warning, strong language)

If you agree with the message #NotViable delivers, support us, get in touch, buy and wear a T-shirt and keep #NotViable in our minds.

All profits will be donated to the live events technical charity Backup.